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Here I will list the builds along with stat distribution and the pros and cons for each.

I've never used this build so I will do my best to explain this as best as I can.I believe the stat distribution would be something like this: 6mag-1str-3vit every three levels.You can also take some of points off of vit and put them to mag if you want even better dmg you lose some survivability though.

Pros: High mag def-high hp

Cons: Low phys def

Light Armor:
This is a nice balance between robe and heavy armor if you can't decide which to do.This is the build that I use,I really like it, but that doesn't mean the others are not good as well,it's all about your preferred playing style.
Stat distribution: 3mag-1dex-1str every level.

Pros: Fair phys and mag def

Cons: Low hp

Heavy Armor (fox form):
Ok never having played this build ether I will do my best to explain.
This build is proving to be harder to explain,I did some research to try and figure out how to explain this build so it would provide the best result,as it's seem more complex then the others.You may want to check PWI's forum for different opinions on this build,as I'm by no means an expert,but here goes, stat distribution 5str-1dex-4mag every two levels,but here's where it gets complex.Around level 60 you'll want your mag at least at 180 to get the level 60 TT weapon,you'll stop your str at 102 and your dex at 24 and try to get level 40 armor with minimum requirements,once you have your level 40 armor you'll focus on your mag, you won't be getting level 50 armor,but from the sound of you won't need it because you'll get your next level of fox form at level 59,increasing your def.You'll want to find armor with sockets for hp shards if you can,and attempt to get armor with +mag to if you can to assist it getting good weapons. When you have your TT weapon you'll work on you str and dex till you get where you need it to be.
I hope this explains well,and I didn't make it sound to complicated as I've heard this can be a good build,then why don't I play it you might ask,the reason I don't play it is cause it's just not my style,but this build might be great for someone else.

Pros: High phys def-possibly high mag def too(will have to do some research on the mag def though)

Cons: Low hp

I will post other builds here as I find and figure out how to write them up,in the meantime this gives a good starting point.
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