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Game Introduction

Post  LadyWolfMaiden on Thu Nov 12, 2009 1:46 am

Perfect World Internation(PWI) is a MMORPG(mass multi player online role playing game).It is also a social game with amazing graphics.

Here is just some of the things there are to do:

1. Quests. 2. Genies that you can level and that can assist you with skills you assign to them. You can get one from Watcher Of The Earth starting at level 1 and will get at random one of the following Genies: Discipline, Longevity, Zeal, or Infliction.
3. Clothes and mounts that can ether buy with real money, or save up in game money to get from other players(that's right you don't have to spend real money if you don't want to!) You can also buy gold with in game money through the gold trade system.
4. Marriage system, yes you can marry other characters in game.
5. Craft system, you can make armor, weapons, accessories, and apothecary items.
6.huge map to explore.7. Faction, PWI's version of a guild you can do Territory wars plus get the general social aspects of a guild.
8. If you play as a Venomacer(female character only) you can tame a pet that will fight with you.
And that's only some of it there's lots to do.

Character Customization

1. 6 class choices:(Archer, Cleric, Wizard, Blademaster can choose to be male or female), (Barbarian male only), (or Venomacer Female only) plus 2 more choices coming soon!
2. Amazing customization choices, you could literately make your character look however you want

Plus you have 5 server choices (Lost city, Harshlands, PvP) (Heaven's Tear, Sanctuary, and Dreamweaver, PvE) (I play in Dreamweaver) and you can have up to 8 characters in each server, so you could have a total of 40 characters if you wanted to.(I recommend playing in a PvE server if your a beginer cause you only have to enter PK mode if you want to,where as in a PvP server you are always in PK mode starting at level 30.

Link to ToS(Terms of Service), always recommened to view before joining the site.

Click below or copy and paste to your browser to vist Perfect World International's website
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