Basic game control

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Basic game control

Post  LadyWolfMaiden on Thu Nov 12, 2009 2:07 am

Here are the basic controls and how to work them

Basic Controls
1 & 2. These are hot key bars, you can Press "E" to open the action menu or "R" to access your skills menu and then drag them to the bars, each bar has 3 tiers which you can cycle though by pressing your "TAB" button.
3. this is the chat window, there are buttons for taking in each kind of chat.
4. This is the character status bar, it lists your HP,MP,EXP,Chi,level,and class.
5. This is the coordinates screen, it list the area your in the time of day, your current coordinates, and your elevation.
6. This is you PK (Player vs Player) mode you can switch to and from PK mode with this,there are rules to this, but since this is a basics section and you can't enter it till at least lv 30, I won't put anything for this in this section.
7. System menu, this will let access your game settings,help window, and let contact a GM if you need help, return to your character screen or log out to your desktop.
8. Friend options
9. Quest log
10. Skill window.
11. Character Window, this is where you will add your character's stats to make your build.
12. Inventory.13. Toggle game quallity, if your lagging you can turn the game quallity down to cut down on lag.
14. Coordinates assistant, here you can look at the cords of the closest cities/npcs to you, and enter up to 5 cords to keep track of as blue arrows and dots.

Q = Quest log
E = Action menu
R = Skill list
P = Pet list
B = Inventory
C = Character info

Chat colors
Reg. chat is white
Sqaud chat is green
Wisper chat is blue
Faction chat is light blue
Telecustic chat is yellow
Trade chat is orange
System anouncments are red
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