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Post  LadyWolfMaiden on Mon Nov 02, 2009 4:51 am

Here I'll put four builds for now

Highest Offensive/Highest healing
9Mag-1str every two levels
This has the highest attack power and healing,but the lowest def.

Mid high offensive/mid high healing
7-8Mag-1Str-1-2Vit every two levels
This is the build with 2nd highest healing and attack, the ranges are listed for Mag and Vit because you can use the last point on ether Mag or Vit depending on how much Attack/HP you want,though the hp you get proably won't be septaculer, as I belive for a Cleric 1 vit = 10 HP.

6Mag-1Str-3Vit every two levels
This build has the highest HP of all of them,but still has really low def.

Light Armor
3Mag-1Str-1Dex every level
This build has low HP but the highest def,and your attack power is the same as it would be in the hybrid build.This is the build I have on my cleric,and so far I'm quite happy with it.
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