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Post  LadyWolfMaiden on Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:41 am

Here are some Cleric builds for everyone to use,I'll post more as I find them.

25 Spr/rest End : This is considered to be a support build because of the low atk,but I've heard people say that it can be good solo because of all the Def,I use this build on two of my Clerics so far,and it's not real bad soloing,but it does take awhile cause of the low atk.

25 Spr/50 End/rest Str : This might be more of a hybrid build of sorts,I used this on one of my Clerics in Teva and was quite happy with it.It caps all the stats before the benefits diminish,this might be more of a solo build,but I think it works ok for support too,and if your worried about Def,some End gear could make up for the missing End.

25 Spr/50 Dex/50 End : This is a build I saw someone sugest on one of the forums on Outspark,I've never used this build before so I don't know how it is,I think it's suppose to be both a support and solo build,but not sure,I know the Dex is suppose to help with aim,so that suggests to me at least a solo build,but with the Spr and Def this might easily lean towards support too.

25 Spr/rest Str : A high attack build that should help in PvP, as well as with questing too, Missing End could be made up with gears. I've never tried this build, but it may be more solo geared.
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