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Post  LadyWolfMaiden on Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:44 am

I'm gonna try and do my best to list builds here, as the highest level archer I have is level 31,If you see anything I have wrong or might have missed please tell me.

25 Spr-rest Str: This is a high Dmg build,and the 25 Spr will give you some extra SP and Mag Def,as well as a 5% crit rate

25 Spr-50 End-Rest Str: This is a build I made,however I will warn you I have posted this build in Outspark's forums and asked for other Archers opinions of it, and most don't think it's that great. So why post it here? Well most of the Archers I asked say to add Dex over End, and I have my own apprehensions on that. First off a Archers Dex is pretty high all ready, and second, from what I understand evade is useless in a KQ, but Def will lessen the Dmg you take.I'm not saying by any means though that it's useless to add Dex,I've tried both this build plus the same build,but instead replaced the End with Dex, and still did fine. It's mostly a matter of preference, and I just always preferred End over Dex.My highest Archer is level 31 though so I don't claim to be an expert,this is just what I've found to be true,at least for me,so far.

25 Spr-50 Dex-rest Str: this is the other build mentioned in the above one, and the main point is to add extra evade so the monsters don't hit you as often,I don't prefer this build for the reasons stated above,but that doesn't mean this build isn't a good one though,though I'm not sure it would be good if you like to KQ.

All Spr: This build is a controversial one,you'll have a high crit rate and SP, but you'll lack some Str.
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