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Post  LadyWolfMaiden on Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:47 am

Here's some Fighter builds I'll post the ones that I have for now,and add as I find more.

25 Spr/50 End/rest Str : This is a hybrid build,kinda for the fighter that can't make up there mind between DD or tank(like me),this build will let you do ether in most situations,how ever you'll never be quite as good at ether one thing as someone who spscalises in one type.I use this build on all my fighters,and I've always liked this build.The Str and Def are evened out,you can take a hit, as well as put out some fairly good Dmg,and The Spr give a little more SP and Mag Def (a problem for a fighter).

25 Spr/rest def or pure Def : These are the tank builds,you'll be able to take a lot of hits,however your Dmg will be awful.This a a great build to have in a KQ or on boss quests,where people will need someone to hold agro.

25 Spr/rest Str or pure Str : These are DD builds,great for killing really fast but you will have a lower Def though.In a KQ or on a quest their a good complement to the tank,after the tank has agro,they come in and attack and lay dmg on the monster.
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