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There are a lot of choices for Blademaster builds, I'll post a build for each path as well as my own build that will let you use two types of weapon categorys (axe and pole). All builds are taking in to account heavy armor as there really is no need for a blademaster to wear anything else,however if you have a build that uses different armor, let me know and I'll post it.

Axe build: 6str-1dex-3 free points,putting 3vit for PvE,or split between vit and dex-recommended if you plan to PvP or TW is believed to be best every two levels

Pole build: 5str-2dex-3 free points,put 3vit,or spilt between vit and dex every two levels

Sword build: 5str-3dex-2 free points,put into vit, or split between vit and dex every two levels

Fist build: 5str-4dex-1 free point,put into vit every two levels

And this is my axe/pole build: 6str-2dex-2vit every two levels you could also do the same thing and half it and add 3str-1dex-1vit every level if you don't want to wait two levels to add stats.The reason I came up with this build is because I wasn't sure if I wanted to go axe or pole,both had things I liked,then I got the idea that since the last three 3 points in each the axe and pole build were free,That I could easily split the 3 remaining points to meet both weapon requirements without causing a hindrance to ether build.
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