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Post  LadyWolfMaiden on Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:13 am

Here some Archer builds to help out with stating you character.

Here's the pure build: 4dex-1str every level
Some benefits to this build are high dmg and crit rate but you won't have as high def or hp

And this is a hybrid build that adds vit to give some extra survivability: 7dex-2str-1vit every two levels
This build gives a little more survivability and hp with slightly less dmg.This is the build I'll be trying when I get to my archer(which may not be for awhile just because I kinda prefer Venomancer and cleric, I'll be working on them first)

Here's another hybrid build but with more vit and less dex: 3dex-1str-1vit every level This one takes away even more dmg for extra survivability and hp.

It's hard to say which would be best as it's mostly about your play style, but for a beginner I would recommend one of the first two.
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